Freeway has adopted a hybrid centralised and decentralised system that covers scalability.

Freeway permissioned blockchain can run at 250,000 transactions per second with "airlocks" to connect to various blockchain protocols such as Ethereum and ERC-20 as well as direct integrations with platforms with proprietary dematerialised asset protocols.

In terms of security, Freeway works with Stephen Holmes, Head of Blockchain Security Committee at the International Standards Organisation, who is pioneering quantum proof encryption. As such, Freeway will be on the cutting edge of the most advanced encryption and security protocols.

Stephen Holmes is working on a quantum-proof cryptography system which we hope that the Freeway ID system will be among the first in the world to implement.

Freeway also has a whole host of privacy features designed to protect users and ensure full self-sovereignty over their data that cannot be externally leveraged without prior permission.