We have a 15-person development team which consists of 12 full time developers, a lead architect, a Chief Security Adviser and a CIO. This team is full time working on executing the development roadmap items.

Graham and Sadie are the co-CEOs. Both are Founders of the project and they decided to share the role of CEO: Graham tends to focus on ideation and Sadie tend to focus on execution.
Peter Neilson is another Founder of the project. He is in charge of all Biz Dev, being extremely well connected and skilled in the art of partnership making.
Joel Krueger is the Chief Investment Adviser and has been with us since 2018.
Mark Kearns is our Managing Director and he covers all aspects of administration, liaising in the areas of finance, administration, compliance and legal.
We have three main legal teams at the moment, covering the UK, US and EU.
We have Chief Compliance Officer, Patrick Lasher, who is now working solely on implementation to ready us for the app rollout.
In Marketing, we have Tony Lundon, who started as our film director and has grown his role over the last two years. He has now become the Chief People Officer, the senior executive over Marketing, Promotion and Customer Service.
Matt Oxborrow who has been our copywriter for a long time and is now our Chief Marketing Officer.
Corey Billington who joined as an advisor in September and has become the External Communications Chief, heading up the Community, Social Media, Ambassador and PR teams.
You have met Olivia and Rylan in Telegram.
Genie and Dajana who are heading up customer service and social engagement.

We have recently brought on additional providers and partners to execute specific marketing and growth campaigns and beyond those, we have several advisors who help us in several specific areas: finance, networking, investment/capital raises, product development, etc.