The big difference with the Freeway Network is that users get the same downside on any asset but increased upside potential from network-enhanced and gamified growth.
In Freeway, every product is designed to perform better than the same asset held in a traditional asset management platform or an exchange or a crypto wallet.
We are also inclusive.
We have worked hard to create product variants that mean almost anyone in the world is eligible for certain Freeway products.
Retail users and professional investors in 180+ countries can access them.
The team comes from big financial and technology backgrounds: Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, HSBC, The Prudential, Morgan Stanley, Google, IBM, etc.
It means that we bring credibility to the space and are working hard to bridge the traditional world of finance with the new decentralised digital world of crypto.
Everything we do pays attention to compliance and regulatory, in fintech and finance it is all about reputation, and our industry veterans bring a lot of clout and open a lot of institutional doors.